Gone Squatchin

The search for the sasquatch is shared by millions and Gone Squatchin is a site dedicated to hooking you up the best in Gone Squatchin t-shirts and gifts.

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When someone says they have Gone Squatchin, they probably mean they are out looking for Big Foot, the Skunk Ape, the Lochness monster or some of the many sasquatches throughout history on our planet. For centuries, people have been in fear off the creatures hidden in the forest. Stories are plentiful of encounters with these incredible creatures. oh yea, how could I forget The Yeti or Abominable Snowman. Scary stuff !!

The fear of the unknown is strong and people love to add or embelish these close encounters. There are many people who have strong beliefs in these creatures and spend their lives to prove their existence. So, “Gone Squatchin”  is just what they do!

The Urban Dictionary defines Gone Squatchin as

Entering wild lands in search of evidence for the Sasquatch, The legendary bigfoot aka woodbooger, a large bipedal primate sighted in many parts of the USA.

History of “Gone Squatchin”

Got Squatchok really, it comes from the word sasquatch. What is that ? Well you probably heard of  Bigfoot. He is s “large hairy ape-like creature, ranging between 6–10 feet (2–3 m) tall, weighing in excess of 500 pounds (230 kg), and covered in dark brown or dark reddish hair” as described in Wikipedia.

That scares the “____” out of me. I remember as a kid, sitting around a campfire listening to people tell stories of our how Bigfoot was seen all kinds of places. Actually, living in South Florida, we heard more about the skunk ape but basically the same thing.

Some people really believe these creatures exist. They track sighting’s, watch video, and visit the places bigfoot was seen. Seems looney toons to me but who am I to say Bigfoot doesn’t exist. Who am I to say the skunk ape or the loch ness monster don’t exist. Why not ? These people research the existence of the creatures and are determined to understand one of the great mysteries of our lives. Is he an animal, a man, a monster, an ape or simply a figment of our imagination. What do you think ?

So the Bigfoot chasers get great satisfaction out of this and I don’t blame them. Maybe it is true !! Either way, this site is all about celebrating the myths or facts about these great creatures. So by visiting the site we have all  “Gone Squatchin”. You know, kind of  like “Gone fishing”.

Say it all together “We’ve Gone Squatchin”

Here is a really cool video which shows people who have decided to go out how to go squatchin. Probably more than your wanted to know. Probably you just dig the t-shirts. Maybe you think “Gone Squatchin” is trolling for hairy men or hairy women depending on your preference of course. Maybe it is but the truth is it is a crazy journey to find the legendary Sasquatch !!

Enjoy the journey !!

What did you think ? Cool right ! So now, we have all Gone Squatchin and of course we need to let everyone know. No, not on your blogs, or twitter, or facebook, or pintrist , blah, blah blah …..

With what else but an age old american tradition….. A TSHIRT !!!

Here are some great t-shirts to commemorate our adventure.

More Gone Squatchin’ T-Shirts

Our recommendation to you is to pack your bags and book a plane ticket to latest recorded sighting of Mr. Bigfoot. Like many before you who have “gone fishing”, let’s be a little different. No we are not going fishing, we are in search of the greatest mystery known to mankind. The mystery of Bigfoot. Where have we gone ?????????  We’ve Gone Squatchin !

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